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romney with 31% and similar survey taken last year had santorum seven points ahead. rasmussen has santorum 42% and romney at 24%. clearly romney has the big mo. for an unique perspective of the ohio g.o.p. primary and the issues most relevant to ohioans let's go to dayton and it's mayor, welcome into the "the war room." we're glad to have you. >> thank you. >> are dayton voters emblematic of what ohio voters are thinking? >> well, the reality is i'm actually an independent. i consider myself to be representative of about 80% of the people. and most people that i've talked to are sick of the circus that the politician versus created for themselves. >> so as far as the lay of the land on the ground in ohio, obviously the independents are going to be key, are they going to be able to vote in the republican primary? >> they have to declare--as i said, i'm actually an independent. if i wish to vote in the republican primary, then i have to declare and then i get labeled with a big fat "r" next to my name. the fact is independents can't vote in the primary. and if it people want to send
an idea about how good a week this was for mitt romney. last week at this table we were talking about whether he might even survive the week, like his home state of michigan, whether he would lose that. republican leaders were debating whether their nominating convention was ghog going to be utter chaos. now republicans are debating whether romney's challengers should step aside to allow him to unify the party. don't think this thing is over yet. we'll get to why in a moment. first we start with mitt romney's very good week with victories in michigan and arizona under his belt. he tried again to turn his attention back to president obama. >> this campaign is a choice for america as to what kind of a country we want. barack obama is turning us into a european welfare-type society, where people feel they're entitled to what their neighbor has. gwen: but he has to get through sup tuesday first. is ohio this week's michigan? >> you know, it is. the stakes are high. in this race momentum hasn't meant what it's meant in other campaigns, where you win one contest and that carries you on to t
and where they need to win to slow romney down. with pump prices climbing ever higher, the obama administration is feeling the heat, but do they really want lower gas prices? ♪ welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. a double victory on tuesday in michigan and arizona put presidential hopeful mitt romney back on top of the republican race, a position he's held and lost several times before in the primary process. so, how did he do it? can the same strategies help him in super tuesday states? let's ask, wall street journal columnist and editor, dan henninger. jason o'reilly, member, dorothy rabinowicz, and kim strassel. how did romney do it? can he keep doing it? >> i think so. in the exit polls, people for whom the economy was the biggest issue, romney won by 17 points. >> paul: yeah, that's remarkable. >> and he also won in detroit, wayne county, and macomb county, and so-called reagan democrat county, which is to say in areas where their people are under the most economic stress. he had introduced the new tax program, the new economic program, the 20% tax cut
. they are all hunting for votes. our national political correspondent jim acosta is following mitt romney. jim, what are you hearing from the romney campaign? what's their realistic objective come tuesday? >> reporter: well, their realistic objective come tuesday is to win as many delegates as possible. and that is what this campaign is about right now. and it's about delegates, delegates, delegates. we're standing outside of a romney event in bellevue, washington, just outside of seattle where the romney campaign put out these flyers instructing caucusgoers in the state on how to participate in their caucuses on saturday and basically because it's all about winning as many delegates as possible. the romney campaign advisers were telling reporters over the last several days that they're not only focusing on individual states, they're looking at individual congressional districts inside those states because as we all know, a lot of these states that are going to be voting on super tuesday will be allocating their delegates on a proportional basis and on a basis that is driven largely by these c >> we won by enough. >> this week, mitt romney squeaks by in michigan. >> talk about someone who is lead on every moral cultural issue. >> resulrick santorum, culture . -- warrior. >> we could not get together. >> olympia snowe is fed up and going back to maine. a special tribute to our troops. >> you will one of the most extraordinary chapters in american military history. -- you wrote one of the most extraordinary chapters in american military history. >> mitt romney was born in michigan, grew up in michigan. his father was governor of michigan. in 2008, he beat john mccain in michigan by nine percentage points. this week, he almost lost the michigan primary to rick santorum. why? >> i am not willing to light my hair on fire to get support. >> he is who he is. why did that work against him in his home state? >> many republicans do not think romney is one of them. they do not see him as the standard bearer for the conservative party. you put it as he almost lost michigan. he said he won michigan by enough. in a certain sense, he is correct. it does not matter if he won by three percenta
by enough, but we won by enough. that is what counts. >> mitt romney it squeaks by in michigan. >> if you want to talk about someone who has led on every moral issue -- >> rick santorum, culture warrior. >> coming up, super tuesday. >> these are the most perilous times facing our country. >> olympia snow, that up and going back to maine. >> one of the most active 40 chapters in american military history -- one of the most extraordinary chapters in american military history. >> mitt romney was born in michigan, grew up in michigan. his father was the governor of michigan. in 2008, he beat john mccain by nine percentage points in michigan. this week, he almost lost the michigan primary to rick santorum. why? >> i am not willing to light my hair on fire to get support. >> he is who he is. why did that work against him? >> there are a lot of republicans who do not think romney is one of him -- them. they do not see him as the standard bearer for the conservative party. you see it as he almost lost michigan. he sees it as winning by enough. in a certain sense, i have to say he is correct. it d
their marketing plan. that cannot come soon enough. as for mitt romney late today he took this strong unequivocal stance saying, well, it's not the language i would have used. the guy who wants to be leader of the free world can't even stand up to rush llimbaugh. that is weak. and now for more on rush and the implications of the war on women, and other things, i'm joined by profession robert like the inside "the war room." >> i'm so impressed. >> we're glad to share tgif disposable recyclable-- >> i was expecting more. >> oh come on, this is "the war room." let's talk about rush for a moment. >> do we have to? >> just for a moment because i would like your perspective on a couple of things. one, you heard the discussion he was engaged in today just in that little clip about welfare. he was saying this was a new welfare program, and obviously you've done an awful lot in respect to inequality and supports that we don't have income disparity at the bottom. the interesting thing he calls providing contraceptives, it's from private employers sod hardly welfare, but he calls that welfare, and there is
the whole country and that is what makes it interesting. rick santorum has been going after mitt romney suggesting that on a whole host of issues he simply isn't a reliable conservative. h his record santorum argues proves that. mitt romney said well, i changed in many ways. when i was governor of massachusetts i grew and became much more conservative and you have to look at what i have done in the time since he was governor of massachusetts. and the way in which his policies have evolved. listen to the exchange with mr. santorum really questioning whether or not mitt romney can be believed. >> i think there is no question whether it is healthcare, whether it is cap and trade, whether it is bailouts, whether it is just the roll of government in your life governor romney has a very, very bad track record of being for government type solutions. >> now, romney counters that santorum very much has a similar record. that when was in the u.s. senate he south ear marks and brought home a lot of federal money, a lot of pork to pennsylvania and sort of a big government proconservative prounion r
-- if romney is it the nominee, he may be, probably will be, they need to grab the center and this brings in the base, is there any logic to why they keep talking this stuff up? >> well, i think there's logic to it although i think it's flawed logic. look, i have been convinced for the past two or three years that the republican base was going to turn out in november of 2012. they have been motivated by hatred of, animus toward president obama and i think that even though we've seen some poor turnout numbers in some of the primary republicans and caucus states, i think in the end the republicans will turn out. the white house believes the republican base will turn out strictly on the grounds they want barack obama out of office. susan makes the correct point, which is that republicans did think at the beginning they could win this argument on religious freedom grounds and they also thought they could extend the argument to try to make it look like president obama was trying to be too intrusive, government telling you what to do, a big government issue. >> here's the republican conundrum,
figured out. and frankly this is not a talk radio problem. this is also mitt romney's problem on the issue. mitt romney told mike huckabee he would support a constitutional amendment that would define a fertilized egg as a person. a personhood thing. even before mississippi voted that down, mitt romney said he would have supported that at the state level when he was governor of massachusetts. mississippi mississippi said no to personhood because it wouldn't just ban all abortion, a personhood amendment would probably ban hormonal contraception. he is all for contraception but would support personhood. >> you were on governor huckabee's show a few weeks ago one of the things that you folks talked about was that you would support a life begins at conception amendment. now, that would essentially mean banning most forms of birth control. 98% of american women including me, use birth control. so could you help me understand why you oppose the use of birth control? >> i don't. i'm sorry, life begins at conception, birth control prevents conception. >> what she is asking mitt romney is the right
is on the ballot. but only ron paul and mitt romney vote there. and then have you caucuses in states like north dakota, alaska and north eastern states, massachusetts, vermont, where governor romney is expected to do well. there is something for everyone. caucuses, primaries and lots of delegates and lots of opportunities. >> so a cliff hanger, in my sense on tuesday -- ohio for senator rick santorum and also speaker gingrich in georgeia. >> those are must wins. if rick santorum will win in ohio, he is leading in the polls and that's an opportunity for him to make an argument that he is the candidate who can take on mitt romney and barack obama. he had the opportunity in wisconsin, didn't get it done. ohio is a chance fora i do-over. for speaker gingrich, georgia is a must win. if he can't wane win, there is no rationale. and he has to win and dominate and have a spillover effect in the other southern states and do very well in tennessee and oklahoma to make an argument that you belong as a top-tier candidate. >> what a heartbreak for senator santorum and gingrich not on the virginia ballot. th
. kntv scott budman. coming up on cuddly romney surging in the polls in ohio. gop candidates gearing up for super tuesday, which is four days away. now, some pundits are saying the improving economy has already decided the election for president obama. me? i am totally not in that camp. however, we'll debate former dnc chairman governor howard dean, former gop chairman michael steel. we'll face offer. is the election over? no way. we've hardly begun. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three
of delegates on tuesday. mitt romney appears to be gaining and rick santorum is definitely attacking. >> campaigning in ohio, rick santorum had one word to describe the latest revolutio revolutions about romney's record. [ inaudible ] that was aimed at the attack on santorum and gingrich as influence peddling washington insiders after this 10-year-old rid owe reveal by abc news showed romney running for governor in 2002, promising to use his washington connection to get money for massachusetts. >> i'm a big believer to get money where the money is. the money is in washington. it learn from the olympic experience if you have people who understand how washington works and personal associations there, you can get money to help build economic development opportunities. >> aides say he is pursued fund for his state as all governors do. he was in washington state holding a nonbinding caucus tomorrow. he made no mention of his rivals. the latest quinnipiac poll shows romney closing the gap to a virtual tie. santorum, 35. romney 31 in the poll's margin of error. romney leads with moderates b
appears to have most momentum in the straw poll is former governor mitt romney. only polling that is done by public policy polling and first one found rick santorum with an len point lead. but the second poll showed romney up by 5 percent. he was bell view, washington and largely ignoring the gop rivals and saving his attacks for president obama. >> if i am lucky enough to get to the white house, [applause] i won't be playing 90 rounds of golf in my first term, that's for sure. getting good jobs for you will be the job i care most about. we'll know the ruments of the straw poll later this afternoon. we'll not know about the delegates until the state convention. we expect 50,000 to 60,000 caucaus goers four years and show you enthusiasm and only 13,000 washington gop people came out to caucaus . a lot more people are expected today as the interest in the caucaus is higher than four years ago. uma. >> indeed, excitement is building. and as we mentioned. super tuesday is three days away . 419 delegates are at stake. ohio has the highest delegate count with 63 in play . alaska has 24 delegate
this. in washington state, it's mitt romney with a five-point lead over rick santorum. in the new ppp robo poll. romney taking the state seriously. he campaigned there today. don't bet on the margin. i think santorum might pull it. now the new quinnipiac poll. santorum still holding a lead out there, but it's shrinking. santorum is at 35%. that's going to be a squeaker. although a lot of rural parts of ohio are religious and conservative. last week santorum's lead was seven in that quinnipiac poll. ♪ ♪ spread a little e today ♪ ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little joy... [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream. that's what makes philadelphia. ♪ so spread a little... [ female announcer ] and that's what makes the moment we enjoy it, a little richer. ♪ real belgian chocolate whipped with philadelphia cream cheese. new indulgence. the moment just got a little sweeter. >>> welcome back to "hardball." rush limbaugh's outrageous comments largely overshadowed what otherwise would have been the headline yest
a must win for mitt romney, landed a one-two punch. hoping to ride a win against rick santorum. these are the headlines, romney averts disaster and chicago tribune, romney holds off santorum's surge and the boston globe, romney wins hard fight in michigan, cruises in arizona and romney's home state m michigan, tough win for romney, that in the detroit free press. jim, does it seem the media were picking sides in this fight? >> well, i think the media are sort of following the election returns here. romney having dipped substantially now, made michigan almost seem like an upset in terms of him-- certainly a comeback, and i also think that in the minds of media, not only on the left, but also now on the right, santorum sort of jumped the shark a little bit, you know, the quote about making john f. kennedy's speech making him want to throw up. as charles krauthammer in "the washington post," that's a little much. >> jon: have the media changed their minds about mitt romney after him going two for two. i think they're beginning to have to acknowledge the obvious, which he is the fr
be proud of me. >> late yesterday, we heard the first response from the gop front-runners mitt romney and rick santorum. take a listen. >> it's not the language i would have used. i'm focusing on the issues that i think are significant in the country today and that's why i'm here talking about jobs in ohio. >> well, that was mitt romney. we should have rec santorum. here he is. >> he's being absurd. an entertainer can be absurd and he's taken to the absurd -- the absurd sort of in point of view here as to how far do you go? look, he's in a very different business than i am. >> and ron paul said this about limbaugh's comments, quote, you'll have to ask him about his crudeness. >> joining me now, msnbc contributor and political editor for the and it's good to see you both. thanks for joining us. >> we'll go ladies first and put polite decorum into the conversation. we just heard from mitt romney and rick santorum. how would you characterize their responses? >> it's very damaging to the republican brand to have these comments out there, so i would say that they obviously had t
-ins throughout the night and full wrap-up show at 10:00 eastern tonight. this is anyone's ballgame. mitt romney has a good organization there but ron paul does, as well. this could be the first win of the season and rick santorum has been showing up in polls out in washington and polling well and newt gingrich put some time out there. caucus states, it's anybody's ballgame. >> heather: we've heard that repeated throughout. let's move to super tuesday, 419 delegates up for grabs. what do you expect to happen there? >> super tuesday could be a definitive day. if it romney continues to roll through and has momentum and pull out a win in ohio, it could change the dynamic. then you have georgia where newt gingrich has said i need to win here in order to be relevant. if he doesn't, you could see him getting out of the race. he is expected to win in georgia. super tuesday is a really big day. it will our first big coverage of regional day. >> heather: an indicator what you think will happen down the road. i have so many questions but you'll be back in the next hour? >> you got it. >> heather: be sure
? >> ohio, santorum's lead down to 35-31. he accuses romney of. >> class warfare. he should be paying more. >> super tuesday highlighted by this whatever it is. >> that's a-- >> bloom versus christie. who can you support in this fight? the right to have police act in new jersey or anywhere else without telling new jersey or anywhere else. >> a lot of the world trade center terrorists went back and forth to new jersey. >> and republicans rejoice. another proved case of voter fraud as a man gets his dog a ballot. only one problem. the man is a republican whose wife works for the republican senate candidate the senate candidate whose big issue was--voter fraud. you said it, buddy woof. all that and more now on "countdown." >> who let the dogs out woof, woof. >> good evening this is friday march 2, 250 days until the 2012 presidential election. only rarely have republican politicians had the courage to stand up to rush llimbaugh even temporarily. some did and others when he said that he hoped the new president would fail. as limbaugh continues to pile on in a brutal assault against a law schoo
romney's money comes from people who maxed out at $2,500. ours are from folks who give under a hundred dollars. >> i don't know if it's the president's promises over the past three years he hasn't kept up with them. >> tonight, a look at the campaign strategy and why ohio could be the pivot point that changes the race. a major vote inside iran and the supreme leader says the results could sing a strong message to the nation's enemies. plus, president obama on the nuclear showdown with the iranians and why he says i don't bluff. @@ forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. call now for our free guide and tips on planning for your retirement this tax season. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do
on ohio. romney, santorum and gingrich all made appearances there today. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> washington state's caucus is tonight, but republican contenders romney, santorum and gingrich all in ohio on the hunt for super tuesday votes. >> i don't know that there are must-win state. is. at this stage, we want to get the other 1,100 delegates that makes us the nominee. >> ohio alone has 66 delegates. the latest polls give santorum a slight lead over romney in ohio, 35-41%. so the gloves have come off. >> and i won't embarrass you in the white house. >> while santorum continues to say romney inspired president obama's healthcare bill. >> he recommended and made suggestions to president obama, including the individual mandate and taxing people who don't buy insurance. >> romney is attacking the white house. >> i love the fact that we can pursue opportunity as we choose and pursue happiness as we dream, rather than as president obama or his friends would tell us. >> newt gingrich, pushing for georgia's 76 delegates is hoping social networking will make a difference. >> your fa
questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me. >> mitt romney weighed in on the controversy while campaigning in cleveland friday. >> it's not the language i would have used. i'm focusing on the issues that i think are significant in the country today. that's why i'm here talking about jobs in ohio. >> rick santorum shared his thoughts in a tv interview. >> he's being absurd. an entertainer can be absurd. he's taking the absurd sort of point of view here as to how far do you go? and, look, he's in a very different business than i am. >> and ron paul said this, when asked about limbaugh's comments, quote, you'll have to ask him about his crudeness. >>> joining me is a congressional reporter for "the washington post" and mollie ball, national reporter -- political reporter for "the atlantic." good to see you both. >> good morning. >> mollie, i begin with you. we heard the gop candidates there responding to rush limbaugh's controversial statements. mitt romney's in particular were not a strong rebuke in any way. do you think the republican party is being held hostage by limbaugh? >>
on super tuesday. but mitt romney took time to swing through bellevue, washington, hoping to secure a win in tomorrow's caucuses there. >> there are going to be a bunch of states that are going to make their mind up in the next couple of days, but you guys are first, and so your voice is going to be heard. ( applause ) it will just make a big difference, so please make sure and go to the caucus site, and get your friends to do the same thing. >> holman: ron paul also was in washington, speaking in spokane. >> you know, things have been going very well. we keep coming back to washington because we expect to do real well here. ( cheers and applause ) >> holman: from the pacific northwest, romney headed to ohio, a critical super tuesday prize, where rick santorum held a small lead in a new poll. santorum appealed for support today in chillicothe. >> you have a chance to make a statement that we want someone who is a conservative in their heart, in their soul, in their mind; someone who's not afraid to stand up and talk about all of the issues. >> holman: in a press release, but not on the st
an advisor to the romney campaign, but also serves on secretary of state clinton's foreign policy advisory board. >> what i've been writing for years actually is that there's a lot of continuity in american foreign policy, more than we expect, a lot of consent, a lot of broad consensus. i think what you're seeing here is the kind of consensus that exists in the foreign policy community and probably there is a lot of overlap between the two parties. >> more with robert kagan on foreign policy and his latest, "the world america made," sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." >> "washington journal" continues. host: sudeep reddy joins us. there have been reports about ben bernanke's appearance on the hill, and it highlights the mood that he communicated to those he was testifying in front of. was there a difference in mood this time around as far as the economy is concerned? guest: it's interesting to look at his mood, because a lot of people are trying to gauge how chairman bernanke feels about the economy. what we saw this week is he's probably not as exuberant as a lot of people are
, santorum and romney sprinted into ohio. >> get out an vote tuesday. >> super tuesday. ten states voting. romney has a step, closing the gap on santorum. >> obviously, if i got the nod from the people of ohio, that would send a big statement. >> romney knows his opponent has a problem. santorum didn't fill out all of the paperwork in ohio. more than a kwurter. up to 18 delegates could be out of reach. romney's campaign jumped out of state. calling into question the ability to run an organized campaign. >> gingrich joined in two. >> we have a number of places we've filed delegates and others haven't. >> santorum tried to brush it all off. >> yes, that's okay. if that's the only thing that they find is a problem with my candidacy, we're in pretty good shape. >> just two days of campaigning left with ten states to cover. candidates picking places where they think they can pick up votes, except for newt gingrich who is doing talk shows tomorrow and then taking sunday off, david. >> david kerley tonight. thanks. i want to bring in our political analyst, matt dowd t-for the big picture, lookin
is with the romney campaign in cincinnati, ohio. >> my goal if i were to become president is pretty straightforward-- i want more jobs for the people of home. , for the people of america. >> reporter: in this key trying to manage expectations. he wants to win and he's fighting hard. romney's closed the gap with rick santorum. just last week, one poll had him down by double digits. the latest polls show he's cut that to four, within the margin of error. in the campaign events he has kept his focus on president obama. >> he wants to raise taxes. it will kill jobs. i will lower taxes to create more jobs and rising incomes. >> reporter: in television ads he's hit rick santorum hard. >> just another washington insider. >> reporter: when voters in ohio and nine other states cast ballots on tuesday, romney is counting on wins in at least three-- vermont, his home state of massachusetts, and virginia. and he's expected to win the overall delegate battle. but ohio is a statement, a big midwestern state that could show romney is in command of the race. now, if he does win here, romney has an even better argu
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 164 (some duplicates have been removed)